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We had large amounts of vegetables which needed using up after LRP.  This is what happened.  This is probably why Jamie and I are not famous chefs with TV shows and stuff.

*Chop two large onions left over from Empire, and fry in a bit of vegetable oil
*Have a brief debate over the relative merits of fresh tomatoes vs. canned.
*Resolve debate after realising the tomatoes left over from the Bards' Guild event really aren't that fresh anymore and need using up. 
*Add one punnet of tomatoes, chopped (minus all the ones which had gone squishy in the bottom) and fry until they get soft. 
*Remove 3 large potatoes which have been quietly developing their own civilization under the sink, beat into submission, peel and chop into smallish cubes. 
*Locate large root-vegetable type thing which came in a stew pack, and have a brief argument about what it is. 
*Decide it's probably a turnip. 
*Decide it probably doesn't matter, as it's going in the stew anyway, dammit. 
*Peel the probably-turnip and chop into smallish cubes too. 
*Peel three large parsnips left over from Empire. 
*Endure the slights from your cooking partner that the parsnips you've provided are somehow especially phallic - like it's something you've done on purpose, and all parsnips aren't vaguely phallic anyway - and chop into smallish cubes. 
*Boil some water and attempt to dissolve a vegetable stock-cube into it.  Discover you don't have any vegetable stock cubes, just French onion. 
*Win an argument over the merits of French onion soup with cooking partner, who doesn’t like it, citing Fight Club in that it is one of the few types of food which can’t be tampered with by a waiter. 
*Get distracted discussing Fight Club. 
*Decide to use the French onion anyway, as that's the only type of stock cube you have. 
*Add the hot stock to the onions and tomatoes and bring to the boil. 
*Realise your saucepan isn't nearly big enough. 
*Go upstairs to get saucepan you bought for Empire from where it got dumped in the spare room. 
*Discover several tubes of tomato purée you forgot you bought for the event.  
*Transfer the mix into the new, larger, saucepan and add the potatoes, parsnips and probably-turnip. 
*Remember you have carrots in the fridge, and hurriedly peel and chop one of those, and add it to the mix.
*Carefully measure several tea-spoons of tomato purée into the stew. 
*Get bored and just squeeze a lot in. 
*Simmer the mix for a while so that the vegetables soften. 
*Start going through cupboards and drawers to find things to flavour the stew with. 
*Settle on Provençale herb mix, cumin, black pepper and bouquet garni. 
*Get momentarily distracted by the fact Morrison's bouquet garni looks exactly like a tea-bag. 
*Ponder over the wisdom of actually adding a tea-bag to the stew. 
*Decide against it. 
*Add a bit of soy sauce. 
*Serve up and eat the stew watching the series finale of Avatar, pleasantly surprised about how well both stew and TV show turned out. 

Why Sylverant didn't come to the Bards'...

At the Bards' event, I was asked where Sylverant was.  I probably should have known IC, given that I'm his deputy, but I couldn't very well say 'enjoying sleeping in a bed after Empire last weekend'.  So I made a vague excuse.  I then realised that it was entirely too vague, and in trying to make it better just dug myself in deeper...

Naah, he's not here today.
He muttered something about having paperwork to file, or some proofs to check through, or something.
At least I think he did.
It was a bit difficult to understand him on account of all the weasels hanging from his face.
Aaactually, with hindsight, I realise he may have actually been saying “Help!  I have weasels on my face!  For the love of the Ancestors get them off!"  Oops - my bad.
Never mind.  By the time I get back, I imagine the situation will have resolved itself.
The weasels?  They were in the weasel box.  Well, they weren't at that point, of course - they were on Sylverant's face.  But that was because he opened the weasel box.
I don’t know why.   You'd have to ask him (after he's removed the weasels, of course).  It might be because he was beguiled; it might because he have wanted to have weasels on his face; it might be because the weasel box is right next to the biscuit tin and looks just like it - it could be any number of reasons.
Actually, the biscuit tin thing is a bit of an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe I should do something about that - write 'biscuits' on it for instance, and paint over where I've written that on the weasel box.
Well, I think we've all learned something today.  I have learned some important lessons concerning of health and safety.  Sylverant has learned not to assume any given box won't have vicious mustelids in it. 


An anecdote from this weekend

We went to Raun's house for his Christmas party.  Because there were lots of people, Richard and I slept in the pop-up tent in the back garden. 
I'll leave Algernon Blackwood to narrate the first part of the story, as he appears to have adequately covered it in 'The Willows.'

" I jumped up with a genuine start of terror. It was neither the wind nor the river that woke me,and I found myself sitting bolt upright—listening.
... I sat there nervously wide awake as though I had not slept at all. It seemed to me that my breathing came with difficulty, and that there was a great weight upon the surface of my body. In spite of the hot night, I felt clammy with cold and shivered. Something surely was pressing steadily against the sides of the tent and weighing down upon it from above. Was it the body of the wind? Was this the pattering rain, the dripping of the leaves? The spray blown from the river by the wind and gathering in big drops? I thought quickly of a dozen things."

Nope - it was just Raun's cat.  She had climbed in between the layers of the pop-up tent, causing the roof to bow in so she was snoozing right above the hot water bottle he had kindly provided us with, creating a nylon kitty-hammock.  I inadvertantly woke Richard because I was giggling so hard.  The cat didn't seem to mind.

I made more stuffs!

Richard's Brother's Wedding

Richard's brother got married the weekend before last.

Quotes of the weekend:

"It doesn't look much like we've decorated the car for a wedding as much as we've just run over a bridesmaid."  [Richard's father]

"I admire the groom as he's the only person I know who's ever been sick on a duck." [The best man]

"So when are you guys getting married?  It's not that I have any moral objections, I just want another party." [Richard's aunt, slightly sloshed]. 

"I decided I wanted our wedding vows to end with 'so say we all'  I just really like Battlestar Galactica."  [Richard's cousin - far geekier than I initially gave her credit for.]

Maelstrom Character Inspiration

So it's come to my realisation that I may have a stupid Maelstrom character and she may well get herself killed.  (I mean I'd realised I have a stupid Maelstrom character some time ago, probably about the time I race-changed, took all those drugs, had a third eye grafted in for kicks Science etc. etc. but now I realise the stupid may probably get her killed). 
Basically it's a long story, but depending on one specific thing I may be fine, or I may be needing a new character, with no real mid-points.  And I have no way of predicting which way it's going to go. 
So given the system will be ending in two events, but also given I intend to keep playing, I need a decent character concept I could play for 1-2 events if needed.  And in the past I've found it slow work getting a new character started, so I'd need something which would get going quickly.  Or something which would be a neat idea but would get old after more than a few events - because - who cares - the game is ending anyway.  But I also need something that's not so neat that if my dryad lives I'll regret not being able to play it. 

So - has anyone got any bright ideas? 
I'm not necessarily fishing for invites (though that works for me too) as much as looking for good ideas.

I just stuck up a big batch of jewellery on Etsy. 
I've never done this before, or was even registered on Etsy, so it's rather big and scary. 
Tomorrow I formally inform HMRC I wish to be self-employed, and send off the exemption certificate informing them I don't wish to pay two sets of national insurance contributions. 

So here it is.  Please take a look and give me any relevant feedback.  Much appreciated. 



On a more cheerful note, I have been beach-combing. 
Some time ago I found this little spot which seems to have some strange combination of currents and tides which means the beach is always full of glass and ceramics (oh, and apparently sea ceramics are an official thing, like sea glass is).  The glass is frosted from being in the sea, but not as rounded and smoothed as most sea glass, presumably because there aren't really waves in the Straights, just currents and tides. 
As well as the more common stuff, I've found some pretty neat things...
I took this without flash and with no natural light, but you get the idea.  Pink glass.  No idea what that would have come from.  According to sea glass sites, pink is super-rare, so I feel a bit cheaty going to a place where there's so much stuff just sitting there. 
A marble.  I first saw it when it was wet, and it looked brand new.  Once it was dry it showed more wear and tear, like it'd been in the sea a while.  After the fact, I read that marbles are also highly prized by sea-glass collectors.  Win.  Again, just sitting there in that same spot of beach. 
Load of broken clay pipe-stems.  Though they could be from any era up to present, odds are they date from the 19th century or earlier, because clay-pipe-smoking waned in the 20th century. 
Blue glass.  Again, apparently fairly rare.  The dark blue stuff is probably from Victorian medicine bottles.  I suspect a lot of the ceramics I'm finding may be Victorian too.  There must be some great big Victorian dump all this stuff is washing up from. 
Glass bottle-stopper.  Looks dated, but miraculously undamaged.  Very frosted texture, from where it's been in the sea.