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Why Sylverant didn't come to the Bards'...

At the Bards' event, I was asked where Sylverant was.  I probably should have known IC, given that I'm his deputy, but I couldn't very well say 'enjoying sleeping in a bed after Empire last weekend'.  So I made a vague excuse.  I then realised that it was entirely too vague, and in trying to make it better just dug myself in deeper...

Naah, he's not here today.
He muttered something about having paperwork to file, or some proofs to check through, or something.
At least I think he did.
It was a bit difficult to understand him on account of all the weasels hanging from his face.
Aaactually, with hindsight, I realise he may have actually been saying “Help!  I have weasels on my face!  For the love of the Ancestors get them off!"  Oops - my bad.
Never mind.  By the time I get back, I imagine the situation will have resolved itself.
The weasels?  They were in the weasel box.  Well, they weren't at that point, of course - they were on Sylverant's face.  But that was because he opened the weasel box.
I don’t know why.   You'd have to ask him (after he's removed the weasels, of course).  It might be because he was beguiled; it might because he have wanted to have weasels on his face; it might be because the weasel box is right next to the biscuit tin and looks just like it - it could be any number of reasons.
Actually, the biscuit tin thing is a bit of an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe I should do something about that - write 'biscuits' on it for instance, and paint over where I've written that on the weasel box.
Well, I think we've all learned something today.  I have learned some important lessons concerning of health and safety.  Sylverant has learned not to assume any given box won't have vicious mustelids in it. 



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Apr. 12th, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
Thank you for this. It made me laugh muchly.
I, too, have learned a valuable health and safety lesson!
Apr. 12th, 2013 07:37 am (UTC)
You're brilliant :)
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