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There's a small area of beach down by Bangor pier where by some combination of currents and geography there is always loads of glass and broken china.  Lots of it looks pretty old, all worn away round the edges by the sea.  
I've been wanting to do something with the stuff for ages, so I thought I'd give it a go with wire-wrapping like Gwen taught me.  I've ended up with a bunch of pendants, and today I made some charms out of small pieces and made a whole necklace.  
I'm thinking of selling stuff I make online.  I think the whole thing's pretty neat, but I need outside opinions - is this proper jewellery, or will I get laughed of teh interwebs for flogging someone's rubbish?
Heh heh. My new camera does awesome macros.


I made a necklace (and matching bracelet). It was meant as a birthday present for a friend. But I can't stop wearing it. Oops. Fortunately her birthday is in May. Is it cheating if I keep it for myself until then?


By the way: Eeeee! New camera. Which can cope with close-up detail!
My friend Sarah has been enthusing about this abandoned warehouse she's discovered that she wants to explore.  This January we finally got down there.  It was so much more than an old warehouse - a huge factory complex which once employed 2000 people, just rusting and falling apart in the rain.  

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Eveyone is fond of owls

Last week I purloined some metal owls from xanthalanari's jewellery stash, because owls are awesome. 
This weekend I made some earrings.  I didn't have two matching pieces, so they turned out in two different colours.  (The owls swing within the larger pieces). 
Apologies for lousy photo.  Am seriously considering buying a new camera. 

D&D Fic (very short)

I'm really bad at having good ideas at bad times. 
For example, while I was trying to work on NaNoWriMo I had an amazing inspiration about how to hide undead at Maelstrom, and while I was trying to get to sleep two days ago, I had an inspiration for a piece of creative writing about my D&D character. 

What Geoffrey Did on his Holidays

For those not familiar with the character, Geoffrey is an incoherent hairy swarm druid with a propensity for turning into a heap of voles.  Except when he uses that daily skill which will turn him into a single vole (to better hide in beards etc). 

[info]morgawse challenged me to write on this subject after we were both marvelling at [info]ursulav's short piece.  (Apparently their D&D group all write little stories over the Christmas break). 

Christmas soon

I've had a busy weekend. 
We went to Chester en masse to finish off the Christmas shopping and have a meal out with Raun and Iestyn. 

I think most of my Christmas presents are sorted bar a few that are still in the post and a few more I have all the parts for but have to make. I need to mail a few things myself though. 

I also tried out the flexible beading needles xanthalanari and I found at the market last week.  They seem to work really well, and pass through even the smallest seed beads, and are dead easy to thread because they don't have an eye, they just flex apart all down the middle.  Here is a necklace I made for my cousin.  My camera still demands - but is unable to - use the flash every time, so all my photos are lousy quality.  The five charms are four-leaf clovers, a favourite of hers. 

My last week

So I finally finished NaNoWriMo, and three days early at that.  Well, I say *finished* - I mean I got past 50000 words - but I haven't actually finished the damned plot.  I waffled too much at the beginning when I didn't know where I was going yet.  I reckon if I write the end and cut out all the earlier waffle, the whole thing might come to around 50K words.  Will carry on writing it,  but at a slower pace, methinks. 

Now I finally have time to start working on Christmas.  Somehow me and hammerhydra both actually get the period between Christmas and new year off, meaning I won't have to waste £50 on train tickets to get back home after having to work one lousy day.  Have also made a start on Christmas presents.  Have also made a start on making stuff.  If I'm uninspired about what to get people, they're going to get something home-made inflicted upon them.  That gives me bonus-points because superficially it looks like I've made an effort, which masks the fact I'm actually being lazy :)

Went on strike today.  Can't be arsed to debate the politics.  Bored of arguing on the internet. 

On a side-line, what's the etiquette on Facebook friends-of-a-friend who are trolling?  Because twice recently (not to do with the strike) I've encountered people who blatantly are, and I'm not sure what's polite to do.  The first one I just blocked, and the second I called 'troll' on and he went away.  But I don't know how he knows our mutual friend, so I don't know if I have to apologise to her.  If people are on someone's FB friends list, it's very unlikely they're total strangers, and somehow that makes bad behaviour worse. 
Still working on NaNoWriMo.  Richard has stopped because he was behind and it was causing him too much stress (legitimate reason) and because his writing wasn't good enough (stupid reason).  After all that's hardly the point, and also I read his stuff and it was way more carefully written than mine.  So I got pissed off and told him if he was quitting for the latter reason, I may as well quit too because I have no writing qualifications and was just slinging down any old crap.  But while I was distracted, the bastard hacked my Google Docs and read a great chunk.  I know he's being nicer than he should because it's me that's written it (it *is* quite bad) but he somehow talked me into carrying on - mainly because I was quite close to the end anyway.  Now at 44,000 words.  Annoyingly now the end is in sight, I just can't keep up my previous speed, though I should still be done in time. 
N.B. My various internet stuff is easy enough to get into if you know me and share my house.  hammerhydra would be wise to remember that door swings both ways.  And that he's backed up his "bad" story on the very same service. 

I'm vaguely wondering whether proof-reading might be a way to go.  Not in terms of NaNoWriMo (no way is anyone going to read *that* turkey until I'm damned well finished with it) but as something I might be OK at professionally.  (OK, now I'm aware this post is guaranteed to be a huge mess of errors).  But I read pretty fast, I'm not too bad at spelling, and I can't stop picking up typos and errors in stuff I happen to read.  The thing is I have no idea how you get into that sort of thing.  I'm pretty sure I've done stuff that amounts to proof-reading in a friends-and-family context, but I'm not sure how you'd prove that to a prospective employer.  There seem to be qualifications out there, but I'm not sure whether they're something you definitely need, and they seem like a big investment for what might just work out to be a pipe-dream.  Also the work seems to be split between self-employed and working for employers.  I don't think I'd fancy being self-employed as a rule - too much record-keeping and responsibility, plus not knowing where your next pay-check will come from.  That said, I'm suspecting getting employed to do a thing you have no background in in the middle of a recession is going to be an up-hill struggle. 


In the canteen...

I was mooching around the canteen at work getting myself a cup of tea, with two colleagues sitting a short distance away. 
I hear Pete say to Maxine "I'm so bored of this place.  It's all so dull.  Hey - wiffly_shwoo - you should dress up as a tree more often.  That'd totally make work more entertaining."
Maxine - who is not on Facebook and thus has never encountered my Maelstrom photos - produces a look of utter blankness and confusion. 
"Yeah, wiffly_shwoo does this thing - it's a bit like D&D, only it's in a field and she wears full-body make-up and pretends to be a tree." 
For sheer devilment I decided to add "Naah, I can't explode into a heap of voles when I play Maelstrom. So it's nothing like D&D, though I do that as well."
"Why does that not surprise me?" said Pete, and we all went out separate ways, leaving Maxine thinking I'm some kind of...  I don't know...  ...delusional hippie or something. 

Yeah, so work is boring.  I have to get my entertainment where I can. 

NaNoWriMo Update

I've been behind on my intended word count because I hardly wrote anything on Thursday as we went and played board-games with Griff and Ceri, and then we had D&D on Friday.  However I've been working on it over the weekend. 
I am now on 26006 words which means:
  • I've managed 2000 words a day on average (which I was aiming for)
  • I've written more than 6000 words over the weekend
  • I'm more than half-way through.
I keep thinking of new and clever things do do with the plot, though at the moment I'm more caught up in the story-within-the-story than the main story itself.  Never mind.  I'll worry about that later. 

Now I'm going to turn my PC off for the rest of the day. 
But boy will I be glad when November's over.