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Maelstrom Character Inspiration

So it's come to my realisation that I may have a stupid Maelstrom character and she may well get herself killed.  (I mean I'd realised I have a stupid Maelstrom character some time ago, probably about the time I race-changed, took all those drugs, had a third eye grafted in for kicks Science etc. etc. but now I realise the stupid may probably get her killed). 
Basically it's a long story, but depending on one specific thing I may be fine, or I may be needing a new character, with no real mid-points.  And I have no way of predicting which way it's going to go. 
So given the system will be ending in two events, but also given I intend to keep playing, I need a decent character concept I could play for 1-2 events if needed.  And in the past I've found it slow work getting a new character started, so I'd need something which would get going quickly.  Or something which would be a neat idea but would get old after more than a few events - because - who cares - the game is ending anyway.  But I also need something that's not so neat that if my dryad lives I'll regret not being able to play it. 

So - has anyone got any bright ideas? 
I'm not necessarily fishing for invites (though that works for me too) as much as looking for good ideas.



Jun. 11th, 2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
Go out in a blaze of glory then either crew or call it a day. Either way you end on a high note and can save whatever cool character idea you come up with for another system :-)
Jun. 13th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
Sadly crewing is unlikely to be practical - they have a distinct crew team, and it doesn't work like LT as there are minimal monsters.
Besides if the world ends, I don't want to miss it!

Anyhoo, I have backup plans in place now.